personal investigation for graphic design

see below all of my graphic design work contained in my portfolio book.
pages containing more than one asset have been digitally recreated and laid out.
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project one: investigation into video game artists

stephen bliss research page (grand theft auto, bully, red dead redemption, l.a. noire

the very first and undoubtedly least-skilled page that i created.
unbalanced, un-coordinated and haphazard. to begin with,
these text boxes were written by-hand
onto the black page with white gel pen. i shortly scrapped
this idea due to my poor handwriting. i want to recreate this research page
at some point. i really like the custom vice city header.

stephen bliss in-the-style-of

the first in-the-style-of produced for the investigation.
there are elements i really like and also elements
i quite dislike about this work. i believe that the background
and line-art are done well. however, if i were to go
back and improve on this, i would definitely focus on
detailing the hair, as well as improving some of the shadowing.

studio mdhr research page (cuphead)

the second research page of the project, and the contrast
is stark. i'm very very happy with how this one
turned out. there is a bit of negative space either side
of the header, but i believe this works to an extent.
i love this colour scheme, i believe that golden
yellow works really well with a darker background.
i also prefer how i have laid out the secondary images on this page.

omocat research page (omori)

i have gotten into the swing of using background elements,
a major improvement. i'm pleased with this one. omori is
one of my favourite games, so i used my knowledge
of the game to its full advantage when designing this
page. black-on-white-on-black is obviously a
little on the basic side, but i believe it works with
the broad and abstract colour range of the game art.

omocat in-the-style-of

a personal favourite so far in my investigation. i believe this
one has turned well. my favourite feature about
this art style is the difference in the detail of the shading
between foreground and background elements. this was the last piece i made
before i began thinking about my own personal project,
rather than a study of an existing designer.

and that's where we are so far with my personal investigation. i will be updating this page with everything new i create. up next: primary and secondary image bank